Eating like a Queen

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hello fellow foodies!

Dave and I spent a brilliant Saturday day trip to Queen St. W. Also due to the fact that my family was out and I was home alone for the long weekend, I declared that weekend as my "eating like a queen on Victoria Day weekend". In honor of the Queen V, I decided to take that time for myself to cook myself some food and have fun in the kitchen!

We started the day bright and early walking down Queen Street West. So many times we said that we would walk down, but would put it off many times! This trip was different though, for we were on a mission to get Dave an Indiana Jones hat/ cowboy hat.

On our way past Trinity Bell woods park we spotted so many doggies along the way that I swear I was on the verge of dognapping. To keep us going, we stopped by Fresh to grab some munchies to fuel us for the rest of the day.

Dave grabbed himself the Falafel Tacos (herb falafel balls with lettuce, tahini sauce, chili oil, crispy onions, tomato & date syrup), and I ordered the Squash Tacos (crunchy panko coated squash with shredded kale, creamy jalapeno/lime sauce, tomato, onion & cilantro).

Falafel Tacos (herb falafel balls with lettuce, tahini sauce, chili oil, crispy onions, tomato & date syrup)
Squash Tacos (crunchy panko coated squash with shredded kale, creamy jalapeno/lime sauce, tomato, onion & cilantro) 
Truly Delicious! 

Thursday Tunes: Tea Time Thursday

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Summer tea time mix: 

1. Honeybee - Steam Powered Giraffe
2. Green Mountain State- Corinna Rose & The Rusty Horse Band
3. The Grace - Neverending White Lights feat. Dallas Green
4. Shiver - Lucy Rose 
5. That's Life I Guess - Billie Holiday 
6. Nobody's Empire - Belle and Sebastian 
7. Coffee - Arkells 
8. Closing Time ( Leonard Cohen Cover) - Feist 
9. Lingering Still ( She and Him cover) - Rayne Eiteneier 

Thursday Tunes: Bossa Nova & Tea

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Original Source: Cecilie Lund Madsen;
Lately I have been in a Latin mood, today I was able to do some work and find some inspiration while having a coffee and listening to music. The perfect day - going for a nice walk in a pretty dress/skirt, latte in hand, and listening to some Bossa Nova on a sunny day. This collection of songs has that romantic, sultry, and fun tone to bring a spring to your step. 
A playlist to get you dancing as your seat:

1. West Side Story Mambo - Andy Duran's Band 
2. Horchata - Vampire Weekend 
3. Piel Canela Eydie Gorme y el Trio Los Panchos 
4. Que Sera Sera - Doris Day 
5. Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
6. Tristeza - Sergio Mendez & Brasil '66
7. Pepito - Los Machucambos 
8. Los Chucos Suaves Rehearsal - Nicolas Vigil 
9. Que Se Sepa - Roberto Roena 
10. C.R.E.A.M. - El Michels Affair 
11. Los Chucos Suaves - Lalo Guerrero y sus Cinco Lobos 
12. La Ultima Noche -  Eydie Gorme y el Trio Los Panchos 
13. Fool on the Hill - Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
14. Sabor a Mi - Eydie Gorme y el Trio Los Panchos 

A Wait for Cake at Uncle Tetsu's

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hello Fellow Foodies!

It is starting to shape up like spring; although, if you are living in Toronto, then sorry. One day may be sunny and happy, then another day gray and dreary.  However, school is out for the semester and I am free to commit to my food baby!

After one of my classes, on an impulse decision, a classmate and I decided to line up for a new cheesecake place that opened at the intersection of Bay and Dundas - 598 Bay St. Toronto. We lined up at 10:30 as we waited for the 11 am opening of the bakery. By 10:45 am, the line stretched down the sidewalk resembling that of a queue line for Disneyland. Luckily we were at least one of the first 10 people in line.

The actual store itself is tiny, with only a small space to move side-by-side. However, the store makes up for the lack of space with the fresh lull of the delicious aroma of cakes baking in the oven. The smell of whipped egg whites, and cheese embraced the air molecules giving salivating costumers a small sample of what was yet to come. I was lucky enough to receive one of the first batches of cakes to come out of the oven, but not so lucky of my friend who had to wait for the next batch to come out. In total, it took an hour to line up and buy our cakes. According to the Toronto Star, one reason for the long lines are due to fact that there are only three ovens; therefore, the bakery makes around only 12 cakes for every 15 minutes. Not to mention, another surprising twist with buying these cakes is that each costumer is limited to buying only one 6" inch cake ($8.88 + tax). In addition to buying a cake, I also bought some of the cookies that they were selling: Uncle Tetsu’s Rusk (~$5+tax). 

Compared to the cheesecakes that Westerner's are so familiar to eating, usually New York or Chicago style, Japanese cheesecakes are lighter and fluffier. I could not help but to smile and let out a tremendously loud "mmm!" You can taste the flavours shine in just one slice of cake and the texture of the cake is just sublime! The cookies that I bought had a sweet and light flavour as well, but hit a rich taste that was just right. The cookies dissolves in your mouth as you bite down on the crunchy cookie which reminds me of a meringue.

If you ever have time to spare and are willing to line up for dessert, then try some Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake

Also, I hope you like the new look of A Table for Deux! The site will be undergoing some new changes and of course we will try to post more frequent!

Bon App├ętit!

Food: The Art of the Five Senses

Sunday, 5 April 2015

or rather the symphony of harmonious bliss of sensation.

Yet again another semester of work, and yet again more apologies for an extra long hiatus. During my winter break away from writing I was busy away being a hermit and studying.

Dave and I decided to just take a break on writing about food for a little while to focus on academia and work. From our time away from the blog, we were able to attend Winterlicious in February where we ate at Globe Bistro on the Danforth, and at Cluny Bistro at the Distillery District. 

On the topic of food though, I had a thought last night about how wonderful and blessed we are to be able to experience what we experience when we eat. Whether we are gorging on comfort food at home or sipping wine at a five star restaurant, many processes are at work to create an interplay of flavour. 

When we look at the senses at play: sight, scent, touch , sound, and taste; when one of these senses are excluded it is like losing an integral component of our enjoyment and ability to perceive effectively what foods are being consumed. Think of a time when you have come down with an illness - stuffy nose, throbbing headache, phlegm in your throat ( feeling like you are swallowing glue); during your period of sickness you probably feel inadequate to be able to actually enjoy things properly. In this example, scent is really important to be able to taste things properly. As you chew your food, taste odors/ gases are released and makes it way up to the nasal passage where the odor reaches the olfactory epithelium, which is a thin layer of cells that converts the gases into energy that is sent to the brain. Think of the olfactory epithelium as the centre of a bullseye target and the scent of taste as the arrow - taste is the importance of the gases reaching the epithelium to be able to send messages to the brain as to an arrow to hitting the centre.

 Even with the other senses, imagine not being able to hear the cracking of a creme brulee? or the sizzling of a steak? Imagine not being able to feel the crispness of a fresh loaf of bread or the warmth of tea? Imagine not seeing the redness of tomatoes or the ripeness of a fruit? For those able to experience all five senses of the body are able to experience an array of complex processes and that we are not aware of.

The absence of one sense is not always a bad thing, but it is when we neglect those essential gifts and simply strip the essence of the beauty that is the art of food. To end this rant  article I would just like to emphasize that when we go out to eat, let's do more than nom, let's be mindful of the experience we are given and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

O Christmas Tree, Uh oh Christmas....

Friday, 26 December 2014

The holidays, the time of year when you are finished exams and you are out and about enjoying the fruits of the winter season- or at least we would like to believe. It is great to know that here in Toronto winter is welcomed by the beautiful twinkle of lights on a bare and snow-less tree, or the whimsical scurry of people either rushing in for exams or conducting last minute shopping. Don't get me wrong this is the season for joy, but oh the stress!!

Holiday season begins to look like the season where you really question how much you love your friends and family. Primarily this came in the form of my annual french macaron baking. Here in Ontario the weather has been less than festive: grey, depressing, and wet.

So like I have probably mentioned before in my other macaron posts, humidity is a big deal. Well guess what? It has been foggy/rainy/ miserable this whole week. So not only to add on to usual holiday stress, I ended up with cracked macarons.

I am sure that we have all experienced a term that I would like to coin right now called BR: Baker's Ruin. Kinda like how gin was the mother's ruin in the 19th century, alas the baker's ruin: a failed pastry.

Now, since I am an avid baker and an advocate for a stress free well being, fellow bakers/cooks here's some advice:

1. Try Again. Okay so maybe the first batch didn't turn out as planned, but remember to try, try again! Practice makes perfect; for instance, I remember the first time making french macaroons, and they turned out horrible! They were these mushy pink "macaroons" which almost resembled pink cowpies, sorry for that mental image but ya'll get the picture.

2. Troubleshoot! Use the all powerful Google! Find out what went wrong and try to perfect it!

3. Always have the plan B recipe. All together I said fuck it and decided to be creative and found a recipe for eggnog cupcakes.

Now when all is said and done, relax and know that the holidays come only once a year. If all else fails: ALCOHOL.


A Mouth Full of Wvrst Sausage

Thursday, 11 December 2014

For those of you who don't know, there is a sausage and beer hall on king street west called Wvrst (  A friendly piece of advice about this place: GO AND EAT THERE NOW.

The menu has delectable sausage choices from traditional sausages like bratwurst (made with veal, pork and wine), to the wildly spectacular such as wild boar cooked with mushrooms and tea. There are 26 styles of sausage to choose from, as well as a very wide selection of beers (Anne and I aren't beer swillers, so we won't touch on that.)  Being a meataholic,  Anne and I went on a meat flavoured adventure to King Street West.

The Decor
It did not have a traditional 'sit-down' restaurant vibe, but definitely had a casual, friendly vibe to it. The tables were all long, unadorned, and completely communal. I assume this is the norm for beer halls ( I had never been to one before), but this layout gave WVRST a very open atmosphere that was refreshing. We went for lunch, but I am sure that past sun down the  hall is filled with drinking songs.
Dave's Rating: 7/10

Wvrst had a beautiful fire engine red, fiery enough to  stimulate any appetite. This place is set up like a traditional German drinking hall with long rectangle tables and benches. This place had a kitschy and cozy plate. The space is so open and inviting. My favorite part of the decor are the beautiful globe lights that are hung on the ceiling.
 Rating: 8.5/10

The Delicious Food
With such a wide variety of sausages to choose from, I struggled to make my choice. I flip-flopped from the kangaroo sausage to the elk to the boar and then finally forced myself to get the Bison sausage made with blueberry and maple.

As well as our sausages, Anne and I got a small 'dirty duck fries" to share.  Don't let the name scare you; dirty duck fries are french fries fried in duck fat and graced with such delicious toppings as sweet peppers, jalapenos, and sauteed onions, all of which is coated with a delicious Wvrst special sauce.

As we waited for our food to arrive, the smells of  cooking started to drive me mad. Every time a waitress would walk in our direction with a heaped platter, I would perk up expectantly - only for her to walk by. Thankfully, the wait was not too long and we got to dig in with gusto.

My sausage was very sweet, and while it was delicious, I feel that the blueberry and maple probably masked much of the bison flavour - which was disappointing. The size was a bit small, but over all I was quite happy with it.

Surprisingly, the fries stole the show for me. The small size was a medium any where else, and the fries remained perfectly crispy despite the ample portion of Wvrst sauce, which happened to be amazing. The toppings equaled out to a sweet yet hot experience, with hints of curry in the sauce. All in all, I was blown away by these fries.
Dave's Rating: 9/10

This menu was so exciting to look at; the variety was impeccable and accommodated international meat, exotic meat, and even vegetarian. I grabbed the venison hot dog which is pretty much a type of deer with sauerkraut and caramelized onions. I have to say that the people at WRST are sausage geniuses with their ability to make sausages with ingredients that help to bring out the distinct flavor of the meat. The venison was sweeter and did not have an overpowering "game-y" taste. I would recommend excluding the extra free fix-ins like peppers, the sauerkraut, or the caramelized onions; I ended up scraping the toppings off because they just interfered with the uniqueness of the meat and therefore distract you from appreciating the meat. The duck fries were also amazing, the fries were crunchy and did not taste too greasy. If I were to pass on another word of advice, for the love of carbs, order the fries! 
Rating: 9/10

No real complaints about the service, but nothing to really write home about, either. The cashier was nice enough though to help describe the different, more exotic meats for us though.
Dave's Rating: 5/10

I think for the fact that there is so much selection, the people at WRST were really helpful and knowledgeable about their food. 
Rating: 6/10

Dave's Final take: With reasonable prices, a wide selection of sausages, dips, beers and some amazing fries, you would be nuts not to check Wvrst out.

Anne's Final take: I love the atmosphere, and the food is not to shabby! Definitely a place to check out with a group of your buddies for sausages and beer!